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Let’s me show you!

Freelance graphic designer based in London taking on the unbranded projects, I’ll take your nonsense doodles and turn them into to a business changing campaign from Logos to Animation whatever your art needs are I can help you out - I work very Flexible hours and my clients love me for getting the job down with flair, on deadline and to budget. Whether it’s drawing an original illustration, developing a fresh new brand, or bringing your company to life on the internet, I will always deliver.


Dwayne Campey

Graphic Designer & Illustrator 


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I don't just do posters! 


How it all started...

I'm a Designer from Newcastle Upon Tyne where I started off by getting triple distinction * in Art & Design from there on I moving down the UK, stopping off at Manchester to get my 2:1 in Illustration with Animation & then moving onto LONDON! Where now I am a Freelance graphic designer! It's an addiction I cant stop myself making peoples brands and products look AMAZING! 




Reach out and Ask

I would like to help you with your next project! 

Contact me below & we can make the world a prettier place. ↴

Contact me 

Dwayne Campey

Phone: ‭07482 247925‬


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